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Power to the Depot

17 Nov

I should preface this by saying that I normally do my home improvement shopping at Lowe’s. Historically, they have had better customer service and have a higher likelihood of carrying the oddball things I require for my more unusual projects.

This weekend I found myself going back and forth between Lowe’s and Home Depot as part of a home improvement project. Each time I visited Home Depot, I noticed an unnerving trend: abnormally attentive employees.

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Cryptographic Key Rotation Solutions?

7 Oct

I’m working on PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance for my company and one of the bigger hurdles we’re looking at is cryptographic key rotation. Our biggest concern is rotating keys for data stored in a DB. It seems we have two solutions and one theoretical option available:

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T-Moble Forces an iPhone User to go Legit

8 Sep

I’ve been a very happy customer with T-Mobile for over four years now. Ever since the beginning, I have been using various smartphones with their T-Zones service. T-Zones was originally intended to be a walled garden internet service where you pay $4.99 (when I signed up) each month for the privilege of being able to view T-Mobile’s WAP store. However, a salesperson clued me in that smartphones generally have the ability to change their network settings and with a couple of minor tweaks, you get full internet access at a much better rate than the $19.99 data plan they sell.

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iSaber != isnoop

11 Sep

Thanks to everyone who supported the iPhone fund. I picked one up this morning and started pushing my macSaber code into the new form factor. As it turns out, however, I’ve been beaten to the punch by not one but two busy little coding bees. The first released app, iSaber is a good first attempt which has been widely attributed to me. The second is in active development and you should be hearing more about it soon. I have turned my MacSaber sources over to this dev and we should expect to see great things.

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Be a Good Mac Laptop Guest

22 Jun

I frequently use my wife’s Macbook because it always seems to be handy when my own laptop is in the other room. I gave myself a user account on the machine, but she started complaining that I’d often forget to switch back to her user account when I was done.

Being a lazy git, I sought out for a technical solution for this problem. The solution I came up with will automatically switch the active user to one of your choice each time the laptop is put to sleep (the lid is closed):

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Hello Again, Zend Certified Engineer!

12 Jun

Last year, I tested and passed the Zend PHP 4 certification. Once again, I have overcome great adversity and climbed the highest figurative mountains in order to qualify and quantify my bountiful PHP skills.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce my acceptance of Zend Certified Engineer: PHP 5.

Tune in this time next year for my PHP 6 hat trick.


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