iSaber != isnoop

11 Sep

Thanks to everyone who supported the iPhone fund. I picked one up this morning and started pushing my macSaber code into the new form factor. As it turns out, however, I’ve been beaten to the punch by not one but two busy little coding bees. The first released app, iSaber is a good first attempt which has been widely attributed to me. The second is in active development and you should be hearing more about it soon. I have turned my MacSaber sources over to this dev and we should expect to see great things.

Contrary to what several blogs are saying, I cannot take credit for iSaber. Credit should be sent to the developer listed in the about portion of that application.

Good luck to everyone working on this project! I’m going to go back to remodeling my house. I’ll be gifting away this fancy iPhone and refunding the donations sent in. Don’t write me off, though. I’ll resume iPhone development around the time they release a 16-32 GB version. (that may come sooner than you think!)

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