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Joost Invite Spooler

13 May

There was once a time when having a Gmail account made you part of an exclusive, trendy club among some subcultures. Having Gmail invites at that time made you even more popular. During those days, I ran a Gmail invite spooler that distributed over 1.2 million invites, making it the most popular Gmail invite service. Two years after pulling the plug, it is still the 4th most popular non-Google Inc. search result for the word Gmail.

Over the past few months, I’ve been asked several times to set up a similar service for Joost. After much procrastination, I’m now dusting off the invite spooler service, giving it a new face, and adapting it for Joost and other invite services.

This is where I need your help. I’ll need at least one invite in order to test the updated tool. If you have a joost account and have invites to share, please send an email to

SuperScrub Your CSS

18 Jan

After just one or two revisions, your site’s CSS can get pretty cluttered with redundant content and inconsistent formatting. I’ve written a simple tool called the CSS SuperScrub┬áthat programmatically rewrites your CSS, removing all superfluous elements and reformatting it in an attractive manner.

The CSS SuperScrub is capable of streamlining already highly optimized CSS. It attempts to detect whitespace-stripped code and, if necessary to shrink file size, it will do the same.

Check out the CSS SuperScrub

Resolution Comparison Video: From SD to 1080p

17 Jan

It seems that many people are in the market for an HDTV right now. With the Super Bowl fast approaching and the holiday splurges fading from memory, the lure of that new TV is hard to resist.

There are a lot of decisions to be made when choosing an HDTV. Do you want Plasma or LCD? Direct view or rear projection? How many inches? And then there’s the thousand-dollar question:
What resolution do you really need?

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WiiSaber: A Wii, Mac, and Lightsaber Sandwich

7 Dec

You might recall an application I wrote earlier this year called MacSaber. If so, my new Cocoa application should be quite familiar.

Hiroaky just released a handy bit of code that adapts the Nintendo Wii’s “WiiMote” wireless controllers for use on the Mac. I have taken his idea and merged it with the magic that made MacSaber to bring you a new breed of audio Lightsaber simulator.

This application looks and works just like MacSaber, but the input device is the WiiMote instead of your Apple laptop. I plan on adding more features including more visual response and multi-controller capabilities soon, so check back again later.

Download WiiSaber 1.0 Beta 1 Here

MacSaber 1.1: Attack of the Backlight

22 Jun

MacSaber 1.1 has been released, now with expanded 17″ PowerBook support and keyboard backlight effects. I invite you to take your very expensive laptop into a dark room and swing it around* for improved dramatic effect.

Download MacSaber 1.1.

*Don’t break your laptop, okay? If you do, don’t blame me.

MacSaber 1.0 Released

26 May

UPDATE: Version 1.1 is now available. It includes keyboard backlight effects.

MacSaber 1.0 Final has been released. This new version includes support for iBooks and PowerBooks equipped with SMS. It also includes a “Check for updates” menu item and debug output if you are having problems (the report button is not yet available).

Compatibility notes:
iBook: SMS only exists on iBooks built after July 26, 2005. These iBooks are either 1.33GHz or 1.42GHz. All 1.42GHz iBooks have SMS. Only 1.33 GHz iBooks with a scrolling trackpad, 512MB RAM (stock), and 40GB HDD (stock) have SMS.

PowerBook: SMS only exists on PowerBooks built after January 31, 2005. These PowerBooks are either 1.5GHz or 1.67GHz. All 1.67GHz PowerBooks have SMS. All 1.5GHz PowerBooks without backlit keyboard have SMS. 1.5GHz PowerBooks with both backlit keyboard and the 8X superdrive have SMS.

Download MacSaber 1.0 here


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